Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an enterprise marketing automation platform that offers robust ways to personalize, automate, test and optimize email campaigns for The Ohio State University. Audiences cover internal (students, faculty and staff) and external (alumni, donors and friends; recruiting and admissions) communications.

The Benefits of Email Automation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is the university's enterprise marketing automation solution. With the capabilities offered within SFMC, we are enabled to improve our marketing and internal communication efforts through A/B testing, personalization, automated journeys and omnichannel strategies. 

  • Training support and resources including video and live training 
  • Modular design solution for email templates meet Ohio State brand guidelines and accessibility standards 
  • Modular template content sharing tactics for centralized storytelling support 
  • Personalize emails with user-relevant content 
  • Analytics and reporting to measure email success 
  • Improve messaging to encourage opens and clicks with A/B testing tactics 
  • Create automated messages across online channels based on audience behavior such as page views, donation activity, event attendance and responses 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud New User Onboarding

To gain access to the university's instance of SFMC, you must first reach out to the Office of Marketing and Communications Email and Automation Team. After a conversation about use case and li you will be assigned the new user onboarding training in BuckeyeLearn. Once completed, you will need to email your training certificate to the team. The team will guide you through the rest of the requirements for access.