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Marketing and communications continue to evolve, and how we connect with audiences is evolving, too. We employ subject-matter experts to implement modern approaches, build partnerships and create environments that support university goals as well as college and unit goals.

How do we know marketing campaigns are working? Which type of story resonates with our audiences? How do we make future campaigns even better? By looking at our work under a microscope, we can measure the success of websites, campaigns and online and offline marketing efforts to continue raising the bar on what supporters and audiences are seeing from Ohio State.

Use the right tools to measure the success of websites, campaigns and online/offline marketing. Consult the Marketing Analytics Community of Practice. Use marketing analytics to mine your data and gain critical insights.


The Audience Insights and Research practice is an audience-centric function that is dedicated to deeper audience understanding to keep pace with the evolution of our audiences. The deeper understanding of audiences will fuel more meaningful audience experiences and engagement that will inspire and drive choice for the university, in partnership with the university’s colleges and units. 


Driving consideration starts with a strategy that focuses on both short- and long-term objectives and achieving goals that put Ohio State front and center. Market segmentation, audience research and integrated planning all come together through strategists who focus on uncompromising forward thinking and sharing efficient, effective, measurable strategies that drive the goals of university and campus partners.

Our strategists can discuss strategic marketing and communications needs that work to accomplish unit and university goals.

Brand guidelines and tools can help drive creative and connect with audiences in meaningful ways.


The right words can paint a vivid picture in the minds of readers. Storytellers across Ohio State get to the heart of what it means to be one of our dedicated students, professors, researchers, doctors, patients and supporters. Brand journalists, magazine staff, copywriters and editors use their words to drive preference across audiences and tell the inspiring stories happening around us.

Learn from university writers, editors and storytellers. Discuss best practices, emerging trends, audience research and more with the Content Community of Practice.


With The Ohio State University as our subject, the creative work we do highlights the uncompromised forward thinking happening at the university. Through print, digital and everything in between, creative experts build and support the marketing efforts across Ohio State. Every project around the university and medical center creates a strategic opportunity to drive design across platforms and develop strong, impactful brand representation.

Get engaged with the Creative Community of Practice to learn and be inspired by design.

Email automation builds a personal connection. From best practices to vendor tools and segmentation expertise, each email marketer across Ohio State plays a role in getting messages of innovation and discovery to targeted audiences near and far. And the more emails we send, the more we learn to share with partners, continuously improving performance and Ohio State’s reach.

Automate your email communications with custom journey building in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Connect with email specialists in the Email Community of Practice.


Executive Communications leads communications supporting the Office of the President with a focus on advancing the mission of the university and president’s strategic goals and priorities. Executive Communications oversees, researches, coordinates and develops communications assets including speeches, briefings, op-eds and newsletters. This team works collaboratively to build strong alignment with other communications staff and teams across the university to ensure consistent and aligned messaging and strategy implementation at the executive level.

Contact: Ignazio Messina, Director of Executive Communications,, 614-247-9247

Marketing technology paves the way for marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Our MarTech experts provide a range of software and tools aligned across the enterprise, which allows marketing professionals to focus time and energy on message. Contact to find out what tools can assist with Ohio State marketing efforts.

The media relations team enhances the reputation and visibility of the university, fosters accuracy, and generates goodwill through daily work with local, regional, national and international media. Media Relations oversees Ohio State News, the university’s central news program, which delivers news about university programs, research and people to key stakeholders via web, social media, email and text. Media Relations responds to media inquiries and public records requests. The media relations team can assist with finding faculty expertscampus filming requests or using the broadcast studio.

Contact or 614-292-9681

Public Affairs provides oversight and direction for university issues of reputational significance to create integrated communications strategies and positive approaches to promoting institutional goals. This team proactively identifies needs, researches and leads communications strategy and coordinates execution across multiple colleges, units and partners. Public Affairs serves as a key liaison for internal and external stakeholders to ensure that communications strategy is integrated with the university’s response for institutional priorities and initiatives. Public Affairs is also the primary responder and lead for crisis communications and key issues across the university.

Contact: Lauren Kulik, Director, Public Affairs, 614-292-7896

Stay up-to-date on the latest trends, tools and best practices utilized by our university’s social media strategists. The Social Media Community amplifies the messages of our university. Contact:

Understanding how users interact with a website or mobile experience helps us make sure they’re finding the information they need to answer their questions, inspire them and bring them closer to choosing Ohio State for education, work, philanthropy and more. By providing them with the best digital experience, each story we tell is impactful to our audience.

Find the right tools to optimize your user experience. The User Experience Community of Practice shares tools and methods for quality control, navigation and wayfinding, conversion rate optimization and user preferences.


Our web developers take the creative work of our designers, user-experience team and writers and bring them to life on screen to digitally showcase the innovation and forward thinking of Ohio State. Through integrated technologies and continuously extended capabilities, the web development team delivers Ohio State to audiences across the world.

Use templates and components built with brand and accessibility in mind. Find the components you need in Ohio State's design system, Buckeye UX or contact for more information.