Interested in texting on behalf of Ohio State? Short message service or SMS texting can help

SMS Texting Standards

Texting on behalf of Ohio State can occur on several levels including 1:1, in a group text, or in a large, mass texting campaign. By initiating or responding to text messages on behalf of Ohio State, you are making several commitments on the practices you will follow including:

1 Get express opt-in consent from the individual you are texting with their preferred mobile number, via a documented process

  • SMS text messages for marketing and communications purposes are regulated by the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA). To send text messages to specific audiences, the university requires that units and organizations capture and store an individual’s consent, which is required by the TCPA.
  • Double opt-in consent is recommended but not required
  • Mobile opt-in is for a specific mobile number, not a blanket opt-in for an individual
  • See suggested wording for gathering consent on a form, website, app, etc.*

2 Follow Ohio State’s SMS Texting Terms and Conditions and Do Not Call Procedure

Read through that procedure

3 Link to the Ohio State’s SMS Texting Terms and Conditions

Use the shortened link of in your first text message to an individual; it is optional to include this link in future text messages

4 Do not use your form of texting for emergencies

The university has a platform and process for communicating and sending alerts for emergencies

5 Honor opt outs

Have a process for allowing individuals to opt out of receiving texts and make sure you follow said process

6 Handle global opt outs with care

Contact should a recipient request to opt out of all university text messages (not just those from your unit)

7 Equip your team

Ensure that faculty/staff approved for sending text messages complete the university’s Institutional Data Policy training and have sufficient training in how to use the texting tool used by your unit


While we recognize that many tools can send text messages, it's important to provide transparency in how consent to send texts are captured, stored, and managed. The university-selected solutions have these integration requirements in mind. If your department already has texting capabilities in place, let us know. If you want to begin texting and are searching for the right solution, reach out Elaine Armbruster. The Office of Marketing and Communications can provide your unit access and training to the following tools for the purpose of sending text messages to your opted in audience:

Modern Campus Message (formerly Signal Vine)

Allows you to connect with prospective and current students on a 1:1 basis. This is the preferred vendor for 1:1 messaging; Modern Campus Message also has mass messaging and automation capabilities.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)

Allows users to send mass messages to opted in audiences and to create auto responses to pre-defined keywords within a short code (not made for 1:1 messaging). SFMC is also great for integrating SMS campaigns with email marketing campaigns also running through the platform.

Suggested wording for gathering consent on a form, website, app, etc.

If you’re using a both a web opt-in form to gather consent, mobile carriers require specific information to be on the web opt-in page:

1 Field to collect subscriber’s mobile number

2 Campaign sponsor (name of your unit)

3 Campaign description

4 Frequency of messaging

5 Customer support information (HELP)

6 Opt-Out information (STOP)

7 Additional carrier costs (e.g., Msg&Data Rates May Apply)

8 Link to terms and conditions

9 Link to privacy policy

10 TCPA language

e.g., “By opting in, I authorize the seller to deliver marketing messages using an automatic telephone dialing system and I understand that I am not required to opt in as a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services”

11 Check box to be selected by individual for opt in consent (do not pre-check the box)

Copy that meets all requirements:

By selecting this checkbox, you agree to receive SMS communications about [Campaign Description] from [Unit Name]. Message frequency varies. Text HELP to [Short Code or Phone Number] for help. Text STOP to [Short Code or Phone Number] to end these text messages from [Unit Name]. Message & data rates may apply. By opting in, you authorize [Unit Name] to deliver SMS messages using an automatic telephone dialing system and understand that you are not required to opt in as a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services. By leaving this box unchecked, you understand that you will not be opted in for SMS messages at this time. For more details, view our SMS Texting Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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