Digital Asset Management at Ohio State

Store and share marketing assets like photography, video and files in a searchable platform.

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform is a library solution for your digital assets in an easy-to-access, quick-to-search, centralized location.

  • Any faculty and staff member can login and access the DAM for brand assets.  Everyone has access to be able to find Ohio State brand materials and our Signature Gallery of photographs. These assets are meant for our community and can be shared with outside suppliers.
  • Share your assets with Ohio State's marketing and communication community. The DAM becomes a great resource when marketing partners contribute share their assets. Marketing partners can be given access to the Shared Assets pool when they commit to share assets and take special contributor training to learn how to apply tags and metadata for the marketing community.
  • Stock photography. Stock photography, purchased under license, can also be shared in our DAM so Ohio State can maximize value on purchased stock photography. These assets may also be Shared Assets when license restrictions and usage allow.
  • Upgrade to a Walled Garden. Units managing more photography and video can benefit from a private 'walled garden' area of the DAM. Upload, tag and collaborate on proprietary photographs, graphics, video files. Your assets are only visible to your immediate team for collaboration and serving your unit. Walled Gardens prices begin at one terabyte, but can flex to meet your needs. Contact Marketing Enablement to learn about pricing.

The Ohio State DAM supports different digital asset solutions for Ohio State units.

Screenshot of digital asset management tool
The DAM stores marketing assets like photography, video and files in a searchable platform.

Ohio State Shared Assets

Sign-up to contribute your assets to the Ohio State DAM and receive access to a shared collection.

Walled Gardens

Walled Gardens in the DAM allow your team to use the DAM for private shared storage, archive, or work space.

Training for the DAM

Learn more about searching, contributing or sharing assets from the Ohio State DAM.


If you have questions regarding the DAM, or need accessibility assistance, send an email to