onCampus emails

onCampus is an email bulletin delivered daily to staff and faculty, weekly to students at all campuses of Ohio State.

Staff and faculty onCampus emails from Ohio State

Over 65,000 staff and faculty members from the university and the Wexner Medical Center receive a daily onCampus email newsletter during the school year. No emails are delivered on university holidays.

These emails provide a timely summary of news, campus events and updates from the registrar as well as news of interest to staff and faculty members.

Student onCampus emails from Ohio State

More than 50,000 undergraduate students receive a weekly email newsletter during the school year (biweekly in the summer term). onCampus emails share general campus events and news with students.

Graduate and professional students receive a different weekly email (biweekly in the summer term) with information and content related to graduate and professional studies, full or part time.

Both versions of the onCampus email are sent on Tuesdays and provide timely news about the university, campus events or updates from the registrar that are of interest to the student body.

Preview of onCampus email on phone
An example of an onCampus email newsletter

What does an onCampus email look like?

The layout of the newsletter is simple. Both versions for faculty and staff and students follow the same design specifications. Typically, it features between 10 and 15 relevant items with links for more information. See an example of onCampus Today and you can find copy-length and headlines.

How can I submit a story for onCampus emails?

Any staff or student group can share news within onCampus as long as the content meets publication criteria standards. We’ve compiled some helpful information and instructions for submitting a university news story or submitting an advertisement to be included in onCampus emails.

Content guidelines

To be considered for publication in onCampus Today or onCampus Weekly, submitted items must be related or pertinent to the university and members of the campus-wide community. Events open only to members of a specific college or unit, for example, would not be appropriate for onCampus properties. Links to websites associated with osu.edu are preferred and strongly encouraged. Submissions with links to external websites unaffiliated with the university will not be considered. 

Among the items regularly featured are research news, events and training/development opportunities, institutional updates, and faculty/staff news and accomplishments.

NOTE: When submitting an event or opportunity, please provide a link to a page with full information on the event as opposed to a registration form. 

Items that will not be considered for editorial inclusion are: obituaries, items that advertise for-profit ventures or services that require payment, news unrelated to the Ohio State community, or items deemed inappropriate by the Office of Marketing and Communications staff.

Generally, items may appear once in onCampus Today or onCampus Weekly. Items that are requested to be published more than once will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Inquiries should be directed to onCampusToday@osu.edu.