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12th Nationally in social media engagement

The Ohio State University social media team had the most successful year in the history of the university’s presence on social media. The university ranked 12th overall and 3rd on TikTok among all higher education institutions in the country, according to Rival IQ's 2023 Higher Education Social Media Engagement Report

Throughout FY23, the team published more than 2,000 posts and led multiple paid and organic social campaigns that generated 140 million impressions and 11 million engagements (45% increase to previous year). The Ohio State University's social media audience reached 2.2 million followers and had a net growth of 280,367 followers (155%) across all platforms. The team continued to push the boundaries of innovation in the social media space by implementing a refreshed social media strategy using insights from Sprout Social's reporting and listening tools, along with developing custom tags in Sprout to test, optimize and track KPIs. Ohio State’s social presence had a 45% increase in engagements and a 300% increase in video views in FY23.

Entry contributors: Dani Dean, Amanda deJonge, Melanie Terez, Colin Wylie