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Scarlet Studio Impact

Scarlet Studio helps colleges and units achieve marketing and communications objectives.

Scarlet Studio is an internal marketing and communications agency serving colleges and units across the institution. Launched in October 2022, Scarlet Studio is part of the university’s Office of Marketing and Communications.

Scarlet Studio has quickly scaled from offering five core services to 16, encompassing almost every marketing and communications discipline. Popular services include design, photography and videography. The team has completed more than 150 projects, partnering with almost 50 distinct colleges and units, including centers and institutes. With Scarlet Studio’s combined hourly rate at 50 percent lower than the market average, it’s estimated that the university saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in just one year in outsourcing costs.

One of the greatest impacts of Scarlet Studio’s work is helping partners to adopt the university’s brand platform and meet guidelines more easily. Below are some examples of Scarlet Studio's work.

Annual Giving mailers

Over the past year, Scarlet Studio has partnered with the Annual Giving team to create multiple direct mail pieces in house, elevating the look of the campaign and enhancing its alignment with brand. While campaigns are now on-time and on-budget, Annual Giving has also seen increased campaign engagement and response rates, despite soliciting fewer people.

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College of Optometry

In June 2023, the College of Optometry director of marketing and communications asked Scarlet Studio about media training for college alumni. Many optometrists are small business owners, and the college thought alumni could provide expertise and promote their businesses by giving media interviews in their communities about the upcoming solar eclipse. In January 2024, OMC’s Joe Camoriano and Jeff Grabmeier used our new multimedia room to conduct media training over Zoom for 235 college alumni from around the United States, as well as Canada, Cambodia and the Caribbean.


Through video, colleges and units can visually engage an audience, commemorate milestones or event, or tell a story. Army ROTC sought a way to use video to recruit students. Scarlet Studio captured the cadet experience through visual storytelling – helping prospective recruits immerse themselves in what it’s like to be part of Ohio State ROTC. The video is currently being used as part of recruiting efforts.

The Ohio State University Army ROTC