President Ted Carter at press conference

President Carter — Community Introduction

President Carter’s introduction was planned as a multi-channel approach to simultaneously reach as many audiences as possible through video, email, social media, web and other digital properties as well as the news media.

During President Carter’s first weeks on the job, Ohio State built on the warm welcome Buckeyes gave him and his wife, Lynda, during the fall announcement. OMC and the Office of the President led planning efforts—including in-person events, a multi-channel approach and media availabilities — that we were cohesive, complementary and comprehensive during these critical first days. The result: President Carter had a powerful platform to engage with Buckeyes, share his vast experience and expertise, and demonstrate his integrity and commitment to Ohio State.

Highlights of these efforts include:

Presidential welcome posts on social media

  • 21,002 Total Engagements
  • 518,217 Total Impressions



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Set of three social posts

Email communications

Sent January 8. Below stats taking open rate inflation into account due to Apple Mail Privacy Policy and other similar policies.

On Campus Special News Link

Faculty and staff

  • 51,835 Total Emails Delivered
  • 1,075 Unique Opens (2.1% open rate)



A Message from President Carter

Faculty, staff, current students

  • 110,827 Total Emails Delivered
  • 32,978 Unique Opens (29.7% open rate)
  • 3,923 Unique Clicks (3.5% click rate)



A Message from President Carter

All alumni, Advancement donor list, Board of Trustees, Wexner Medical Center Board

  • 297,538 Total Emails Delivered
  • 145,995 Unique Opens (49% open rate)
  • 5,632 Unique Clicks (1.9% click rate)

Web-traffic for

January 1 through morning of January 11.

Top referral channels

  • 43.6% Organic Search (of sessions)
  • 14.8% Social Media
  • 36.4% Email



Website stats

  • 7,816 Total Unique Pageviews
  • 5,868 Total Users (58.7% of these were new visitors)