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The Office of Marketing and Communications reaches a diverse audience through a mix of storytelling and distribution across a complex ecosystem of websites and channels. Our goal is to tell the Ohio State story and offer our audiences opportunities to engage with the Ohio State brand.

Data reflected covers all of Fiscal Year 2023: July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023.

Share of Conversation

A key measure for Ohio State is the volume of conversation around the brand. We utilize social listening to compare our conversation volume to peer sets to determine the share of voice across social media and select digital platforms such as the web, Reddit and YouTube for FY23. Ohio State was #1 among public peers and #2 among private peers relative to the total volume of conversation for FY23.

News and Storytelling

The team produces hundreds of stories each quarter – delivering the news, covering the strategic initiatives of the institution, supporting our partners, highlighting our accomplishments and featuring our students, faculty and staff. In total, the team produced 468 news stories, generating over 1,966,419 unique pageviews for FY23.

Explore examples of the most popular new stories across our storytelling sites, determined by the total volume of unique pageviews during the fourth quarter of FY23.

Image of a cartoon of Snoopy standing next to a table. Snoopy is a Beagle dog and a popular character in the Peanuts comic strip. He is wearing a World War I Flying Ace uniform and has a red scarf around his neck. The table has a bowl of food on it and a sign that says "STOP SNOWING ON MY SECRETARY!!".

The meaning behind the Woodstock character in 'Peanuts'

The character Woodstock in the Peanuts comic strip could be seen as Charles Schulz's attempt to represent the young people of the time in a positive and affirming way.
Aerial view from the top of a volleyball net showing two women jumping up to spike the ball

No need to load up on extracurricular activities, study finds

While some ambitious high school students may load up on extracurricular activities to help them get into college, a new study suggests they may be trying too hard.
Image of a clipboard with a stethoscope and pen on it. The clipboard has the text "MEDICARE" and the following text below: "Part A Hospital coverage", "Part B Doctor and outpatient services", "Part C Medicare Advantage", and "Part D Prescription drugs".

Sicker Americans are sticking with Medicare managed care plans

Following decades of criticism for “cherry-picking” the healthiest patients, Medicare managed care plans now appear to be holding onto sicker patients with more complex health needs, new research has found.
Ohio State graduates holding up their diplomas in their cap and gowns

More than 20,000 Ohio State students named to dean's list in spring term

Nearly 21,000 students earned top academic honors at The Ohio State University during the spring semester.
A man in a wheelchair is facing a moving train on a railway platform

Why buses can't get wheelchair users to most areas of cities

A study in Columbus reveals limited accessibility for manual wheelchair users on public buses, restricting them to just 1% of the city. Powered wheelchair users have slightly better access at 25%.
Aerial view of The Ohio State University campus, showing the Oval, Thompson Library, and the College of Engineering. The campus is surrounded by trees and green spaces.

New U.S. News & World Report rankings highlight Ohio State graduate programs

The Ohio State University’s graduate and professional programs remain among the best in their fields in the nation and the state, according to the U.S. News & World Report 2024 edition of America’s Best Graduate Schools.

Media Placements

Staff members within the Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) utilize a strategic approach to media relations to enhance the reputation and visibility of the university through its work with local, regional, national and international media. The University was mentioned or featured more than 12,641 times in digital and print news publications during the fourth quarter of FY23. 


Mentions in national outlets
Mentions in the New York Times
Mentions in Fox News Channel Online
Mentions in Ohio outlets

Top Placements

Business First

Ohio State's innovation district research center is built for creative collisions

Fox Business

Ohio State University preparing students to fill shortage in semiconductor workforce

CBS Sunday Morning

Treasures of comic strip art


Toronto Star

‘Prey-switching’ blamed for death of woman mauled by coyotes


When do scientists reach their peak?


Study links smoking to memory loss, cognitive decline

Featured Projects

Over the course of the year, professionals in the Office of Marketing and Communication will complete hundreds of projects in support of university initiatives. Explore the projects below to learn about some of our favorites, view our impact and see how we deliver a cohesive brand message throughout our work.

Web Traffic

The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for some of the most trafficked pages across the domain. We manage the front door, the news, key utilities and hundreds of story pages to support the brand experience in the digital space.

Key metrics

Unique Pageviews
Shares of Content
Video Plays

Most viewed features from

Ohio State student researcher Alex Kushnir pours a water sample into a test tube.

Pursuing his passions, from Cairo to Columbus

Since coming to Ohio State, Larkin Cleland has studied abroad, started a nonprofit, taken on three majors and learned multiple languages.
Headshot of Dr. Rattan Lal on the left and headshot of David Brandt on the right

7 ways our students create a more sustainable world

Students are restoring the Olentangy River bank, building a solar-powered racecar and so much more.
Headshot of Leslie Ealy on the left and headshot of Dr. Kamilah Dixon on the right

Stepping out of his comfort zone and into his future

This exercise science student chased opportunities by knocking on doors. The ones that opened changed his life.

Social Media

Our teams develop timely, engaging posts with captivating videos and photos to inform, entertain and engage our audiences on a variety of subjects, guided by university initiatives and priorities. Our goal is to deliver the right content to the right audience through the right platform to increase audience affinity, audience growth and engagement.  In Q1 and Q2 of FY23, the team published more than 1,000 posts and multiple paid social campaigns that generated 83 million impressions and 6 million engagements this quarter. The Ohio State University social media audience grew by almost 125,000 followers (8.4%) across six platforms. Additionally, Q2 of FY23 was the most successful quarter in the history of Ohio State’s social media presence when measuring engagements, impressions, audience growth and video views.

Data Notes

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